Academic Coordination

Nuno Piçarra

Associated Professor at Nova Law School. Member of the academic network for legal studies on immigration and asylum in Europe (Odysseus) and member of the academic network on free movement of workers and social security coordination (FreSsco). Member of Societas Iuris Publici Europaei. Member of the administrative council of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Author of several papers and books on constitutional law and European Union law (mainly on the area of freedom, security and justice).



Francisco Pereira Coutinho

Bachelor (2002) and Doctorate (2009) at Nova Law School. Professor of European Union Law at Nova Law School and FCSH/NOVA. Member of Cedis (Research Center on Law and Society of Nova Law School). Member of the Portuguese Association on European Law since 2012.



Ana Rita Gil

Bachelor  at Coimbra Law School (2004) and Doctorate at Nova Law School (2016) . Member of Cedis (Research Center on Law and Society of Nova Law School). Legal Adviser at the Portuguese Constitutional Court.



Martinho Lucas Pires

Bachelor of Law and L.L.M Law in an European and Global Legal Context at Católica School of Law. Guest researcher at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, USA during the Winter semester of 2012/2013. Did his internship in ABBC – Law Firm, RL. Currently exclusively attending the PhD in Law program at Nova Law School under a scholarship from FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia).