MoreEU ‒ More Europe to Overcome de Crisis

Since 2008 Euroscepticism has risen, using false arguments. MoreEU aims at filling this gap, targeting 5 Euro-Plus capitals where the EU and the € are under eurosceptic attack. In fact, with this Jean Monnet project the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa, Italy) promotes an innovative Network to tackle this challenge. This Newtork includes the following institutions:

Notre Europe-Institute Jacques Delors (Paris, France) - Academic Coordinator Director Yves Bertoncini

CEU San Pablo University (Madrid, Spain) - Academic coordinator Prof. José Maria Beneyto

University of Warsaw (Poland) - Academic coordinator Prof. Konstanty A. Wojtaszczyk

Nova Law School (Lisbon, Portugal) – Prof. Nuno Piçarra and Professor Francisco Pereira Coutinho

The MoreEU Network project is coordinated by Professor Roberto Castaldi (eCampus University, affiliated at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna).

Dr. Francesco Pigozzo is the key project officer, in charge of the Communication team.

Dr. Tommaso Visone is project officer and member of the Communication team.

The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - DIRPOLIS Institute academic staff involved in the project includes prof. Stefan Collignon, prof. Barbara Henry, prof. Anna Loretoni, prof. Giuseppe Martinico, and dr. Giacomo Delle Donne, Filippo Maria Giordano, and Claudia Morini.